Elektrisch verwarmde etagepers

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  • Manual and automatic operating facilities
  • An automatic print at the end of opening
  • The milliseconds range 100 precision adjustable up time clock hours
  • Reliable, Precise control and longer operating life
  • Extra security functions: the stop plate of the pump itself to prevent jamming when the safety wire is drawn 2-3 opening cm
  • Ease of Use
  • The lowest level of business confidence and unchanging quality
  • pressure which can be adjusted according to the work area to be pressed
  • uniformity of temperature in every point of the surface
  • Short-time work
  • High heating efficiency and temperature maintained (absorbs) economy in energy use due to property


  • as Safety, strong body structure made of steel profiles.
  • Print precision machined surfaces integrally trays.
  • rack-pinion system that provides balanced movement of the printing plate.

Hydraulic System

  • Solenoid operated hydraulic system.
  • Machinery and hydraulic system to keep the by-pass circuit.
  • Special, quiet hydraulic pump.
  • Upper surfaces polished and hard chrome plated hydraulic cylinders.
  • made of steel pipes and precision machined hydraulic cylinders.
  • special sealing rings provide a long operating life.


Elektisch verwarmde etagepers
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